Attorney-at-Law Dana Kweekel has joined BZSE

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As per January 1, attorney-at-law Dana Kweekel has joined BZSE Attorneys at Law/Tax Lawyers. Kweekel studied Law at Leiden University in the Netherlands, where she graduated with a master’s in civil and criminal law.
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She started her career in 2001 at the corporate/healthcare section of international law firm CSM Derks Star Busmann in Utrecht, The Netherlands, where she advised clients and litigated in the fields of (medical) liability, disciplinary health law, tobacco law and, in general contract law.

In 2006, Kweekel joined Brinkhof, a Dutch boutique law firm specialized in regulated markets. At Brinkhof, she advised clients and litigated in insurance law, medical disciplinary law, pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical licensing and advertising law, partnership disputes and admission agreements.

She moved to St. Maarten in 2011, where she joined a local law firm and had a general civil and administrative law practice.

From 2013 until 2022, Kweekel worked as a senior legal policy advisor at the policy department of the government of St. Maarten, and later as senior legal advisor at the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Public Health Social Development and Labor VSA.

During this period, she advised on the interpretation and implementation of legislation, executional policies, and enforcement procedures in the areas of labour, food safety, drinking water, childcare, pharmaceuticals healthcare and social insurances.

She also represented the minister of VSA and the Inspectorate as an attorney in healthcare-related administrative court proceedings.

Through this experience Kweekel has gained a thorough understanding of the laws, processes and policies in public administration, health care, labour, pharmaceuticals, food and drinking water and social insurances. In addition, she is an experienced attorney-at-law.

As per this year, she returned to the private sector by joining BZSE, where she will provide services to clients in the civil and administrative law practice.

She said she is a “stronger believer in continuous education and personal and professional growth.” Over the past years she successfully completed masterclasses in privacy law and government liability. She is currently completing a course to become a certified legislative lawyer at Caribbean Center for Legislation.

Kweekel says: “It’s great to be back in business and I’m excited to join BZSE’s dedicated and talented team of professionals. I look to using my experience and knowledge to provide the firm’s clients - both inside and outside of the healthcare field – with the best possible legal advice.”

Her colleagues at BZSE are elated to have Kweekel. “Dana is a very experiences attorney, and we are thrilled and honored that she joined our team. She is a powerful addition to our firm, in particular for our clients in healthcare and insurance, both in civil law, as well as in administrative law.

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