The 10th anniversary of Karel's Legal Blog

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Celebrating 10 years of sharing knowledge.
The 10th anniversary of Karel's Legal Blog illustration
June 1st, 2015 marks the 10th anniversary of my legal blog. This is an important milestone for me. Back in May 2005 I only had a rough idea about blogging and what it would take to create a successful legal blog a.k.a. blawg.

Now, ten years and some 550,000 page views later, I know that despite the small size of my jurisdiction, it is worthwhile providing legal-oriented content on the web on a regular basis. If the regular messages I receive from so many readers is anything to go on, many of my postings are considered worth reading.

It has never been my intention to offer a clear position on legal issues, but rather to give some insight into Dutch Caribbean legal issues that people - including potential clients - may face or are interested in; at the same doing my best to do so in clear, understandable language. My legal blog has proven an excellent way to also inform people about new or future developments.

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